XX Heiko goes Allahabad I

Oh well flight no 18  from delhi to Allahabd should become exciting…the airplane was quite small and having that special side motors…..arriving safely on kind of a ilitary base airport.

IMG_1703 IMG_1705 IMG_1715

Sitting next to me Anadi, a very mysterious lady which I should visit later on.


Leaving one friend in Delhi behind, meeting the next friend from our studying times in the UK…..my lovely room…


First trip with Summit & Shanaya…..visiting the Ghandi museum…

IMG_1729 IMG_1731 IMG_1734 IMG_1737

And then making our way towards the first holy place which I should see in India…….“Triveni Sangram“….where the river Ganges meets the Yamuna river as well as the invisible Saraswati river…..thousands of people around….me being the only foreigner there.

IMG_1761 IMG_1756 IMG_1770IMG_1773 IMG_1777 IMG_1784 IMG_1790 IMG_1798 IMG_1801 IMG_1809 IMG_1813 IMG_1816 IMG_1817 IMG_1820 IMG_1826

Making a little boat ride towards the place where the 3 rivers are meeting up together.

IMG_1829 IMG_1832 IMG_1834IMG_1851 IMG_1905 IMG_1908 IMG_1912 IMG_1922

Back on land…strolling around a little bit  before leaving that holy place.

IMG_1926 IMG_1941 IMG_1948 IMG_1952 IMG_1957 IMG_1967 IMG_1971 IMG_1973 IMG_1977

Stop over – chicken place – probably not the best place for any vegetarian people or for people focusing too much on hygiene.



Appetizer = street food


Main dish = one of the lovely dinner’s at Summit’s place. Yumyum.


We proudly present „Scamper – the dog“…..short story about that cutie……once he is very excited about visitors he jumps up on them; but not only that he jumps…..if you are an unlucky one then he also might pee on you as he is so happy to see you.  What a lovely way to welcome a guest….but as far as I remember I was quite lucky and didn’t get any wet.


Visiting Summit’s mom…

IMG_2006 IMG_2007 IMG_2010 IMG_2012

Barbecue time….chef Summit made a great job!

IMG_2033 IMG_2035 IMG_2058 IMG_2059

I loved that nice little bar!  That’s the place where I got to know „Old Monk“…..don’t miss out on trying it once you are in India.

IMG_2068IMG_2073 IMG_2084 IMG_2094

Discovering the environement…..walking around Allahabad….

IMG_2100 IMG_2101 IMG_2104 IMG_2106 IMG_2107 IMG_2112

Right before left?  Left before right ? – Nevermind….cow goes first and the pedestrians, scooters, cars, Tuk Tuk’s, Riksha’s are finding their way through.


Yummy yummy again.

IMG_2125 IMG_2127

My very first time teaching…..German lesson at the IPEM…it was a great and unique experience.

05 teaching (1)05 teaching (2)05 teaching (3)05 teaching (4)05 teaching (5)

My very first indian wedding…..for now a catholic one….but more to follow…

IMG_2169 IMG_2172IMG_2227 IMG_2239 IMG_2252 IMG_2265

Sun was setting down – time to dress for the evening ceremony of the wedding.

IMG_2266 IMG_2272 IMG_2276IMG_2286 IMG_2279

Oh well, poor bridal couple…..while everyone was having dinner and talking together   those two had to stand for hours in the spotlight receiving presents, being photographed and filmed and were supposed to smile most of the time.

IMG_2281 IMG_2289 IMG_2293

A little goodbye present from Shaniya….so sweet….I still have it and it got a nice little space.


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