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XXII Badi Asha School – Brown Bread Bakery (Special social project)

For me it was destiny that I had chosen the great Stops Hostel to stay at. Cause the Stops was a partner of the Brown Bread Bakery (selling food from the bakery and making advertising for them). So it happened that I went to the Brown Bread Bakery for dinner and I went there again and again and again….for the rooftop, for the live music, for the great food and the great people. While I was there I read about Micha’s (the owner of the Brown Bread Bakery) social project „Learn for Life“ (non-profit organization) and that they are running a school at Varanasi. Curious as I am I asked Micha straight ahead, if I could visit the school to see what kind of social work he is doing and I got invited. Micha gave me a look around and I was able to help to serve lunch to the pupils. When I visited the school in 2015 there were 110 students (30 kindergarden kids and 80 school kids) – kids were between 4 and 14 years old. We are talking about the kids of the most poorest families. Besides being taught at the Badi Asha School in the afternoons the kids have the possibility to play there. In between they are getting a lunch. And also the health insurance is covered by the school. Teachers were either indian ones or  foreigners that worked as volunteers. Some more things to mention which fascinated me about this project:  At the Badi Asha School every one is equal and the kids are being taught that from the beginning. This might be normal in our civilization, but we are talking about a country with a great variety of religions (Hinduism – with it’s castes system, Buddhism, Moslems, Catholics, Protestants….). AlsoMicha tries to employ disabled or older people that won’t have any chance to finding any job and also giving poor or punished or raped women who might have been kicked out by their families and were now on their ones with the kids a chance to get involved at the school. Either within the stitching project or supporting the brown bread bakery (packaging, etc.) or to help with gardening. There are so many who are in the need of help and getting some hope for life, so I am very happy that I was able to Meet Micha and Nicole and the rest of the people who have such great hearts and are running this school project. To find out more about this wonderful project feel free to visit: or check them out on Facebook: .  Here now some impressions of my visit at the school…

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Und hier nun die besagte Brown Bread Bakery, wo alles begann…

(And that’s where all began for me….the already mentioned Brown Bread Bakery…)

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