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XIX Heiko goes Delhi I

Stopover in Bangkok – before flying out to Delhi – Crazy India I am coming.

Sometimes it is very wisely not to buy a simple burger for 6$ (!) at Burger King at the airport or to eat for nearly the same price lunch at the hotel; but just to walk 500metres and find an authentic street food place with only Thai writing on the menue and very friendly + wonderful people (Thx at Nattha + Poy).

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Here I am….getting a airport pick-up from my lovely friend Yatan.

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Yatan’s lovely family and my very first accomodation while in India.

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First night – Indian Dance event…

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Oh well…..public transport…..talking about Delhi’s metro…..yes it’s true….not pretty much space, so you shouldn’t have any problems to feel the breath of others in your neck…..and also  it’s men, and men and men again…didn’t see any single woman in the hole train….later on I found out that there even exist separate wagon’s for women only.

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My destination for day 1: Salaam Balaak Trust – Street walking tour…very interesting, as former street kids are showing tourists around the streets  talking about the life as a street kid and what Salaam Baalak trust does offer to get kids off the street.

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Only bad touch of the story…..he didn’t even know his exact birthdate/age…no identity card…no trace of his parents……he was a small kid when he left home to go to Delhi. Definately worth to try out this walking tour yourself.


A lil bit of street life…colourful…

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If everyone ever questions why you do find pictures of the god’s on the walls here and there. The answer is quite simple….Indian people, whatever religion they belong  to, are very strong in believe to their gods. So a picture of their gods should avoid them from peeing on the walls.


Visiting Qutab Minar together with Yatan.

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Yatan wanted to show me the new Delhi, I insisted on seeing the old Delhi first ;-)….so here are some street impressions of the old part.

IMG_1543 IMG_1547 IMG_1549 IMG_1551

Western media say:  Be careful…..Indian streetfood…..severe stomach problems. I did prove them wrong…..if so many indian people are standing in queue to get some food than it can’t be that bad…just probably dont take something too spicy which might be too untypical for our stomachs and you will be fine.

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Indian way of transporting things…..just be creative and do it!


Time to say goodbye to delhi for now! Thank you so much for hosting me and it was a pleasure to got to know your lovely family. But I should be back….also to see the New Delhi 😉

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On the way to the airport…..cows, crazy traffic….daily life.

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The holy cow – eating rubbish from the streets….typical India.


Me at the aiport again….flight number….hm?….18 !?